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Lodestones are primarily used to attract thing to the one using them. They attrack power, favors and gift, good luck, healing, money and love. Often 2 are carried together: one to repel bad luck and one to attract good. I put mine in a jar, feed it well and place it on top of a few dollars to draw more money. You can place two of them together in a mojo bag to draw love to you.

Lodestones are primarily used to attract thing to the one using them. They attract power, favors and gift, good luck, healing, money and love. Often 2 are carried together: one to repel bad luck and one to attract good. I put mine in a jar, feed it well and place it on top of a few dollars to draw more money. You can place two of them together in a mojo bag to draw love to you.

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LaPulia Studio, Inc. has graciously consented for us to use some of their wonderful pages on our site.  If you are interested in viewing their site: www.lapuliabookofshadows.com They have absolutely wonderful Book of Shadows, Witch's Grimoires, and other Books of Magick.

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From Occult Weekly

What is Dreamtime?

We have covered many different forms of organized paganism in our various newsletters. From the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Vikings and Native Americans, all the way up to some modern views, our discussions have covered different polytheistic (“many gods”) views since organized religion began.
While these views have fluctuated – at times being the primary religion of the people, while at others being overcome by more powerful religions – these pagan beliefs have never fully waned.
There is one group of pagan thinkers who we have neglected to mention in the past – the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. This is primarily because, unlike the other religions that have changed over time, as well as other groups such as the Native Americans who may still hold a pagan standpoint, but have nonetheless been compelled to ‘westernize,’ Aboriginal Australians have held steadfast to their religion over the epochs.
As some of you are from Australia, and many others may know, Australia as we know it today was original settled as a colony for British prisoners and others, who were exiled in the late 1700s. However, more than 50,000 (yes, fifty thousand) years before this, small groups of individuals migrated from Asia to the island of Australia and Tasmania, as well as other lesser known places such as the Torres Strait Islands.  Of course, sea levels were lower at this time, but the settlement of Australia still involved some of the earliest sea-faring known to man.  Evidence of some of the earliest religious ceremonies known to have ever been carried out have been found by scientists in Australia, dating to well over 40,000 years ago.
The term Australian Aboriginals does not refer to a single group of identical people, but rather it’s a generic term to describe all of the native groups of people who inhabited Australia and nearby islands until European Settlement. In fact, the situation in Australia paralleled that in the United States, where there were over 300 tribes – each with a different language and customs. When the British exiles came, they spread disease and forced the indigenous Aboriginal Australians deeper into the wilderness and other uninhabitable parts of the continent. In recent times, Aboriginal Australians have been gaining more rights, and those who have held true to their heritage continue to do so to this day.
While there are many interesting customs amongst the many groups of Aboriginal Australians, one of the most unique is part of their mythology, often referred to as “Dreamtime.” Dreaming is essentially a way of life that refers to the Aboriginal creation story - of how the Divine came to be, as well as how human and other life comes into existence. Dreaming also dictates the structure of the tribal society and how one should behave while within this realm.
Though this web of meaning is quite complex, to simplify Dreamtime, the Aboriginal Australians believed in a Totemic epoch (Totemic signifies the ‘Totems’ or mankind’s ancestors who came before us), in which worldly, non-human spirits dreamt up the world. These Totems did not only dream the earth, the mountains, the oceans, and its creatures, but have dreamt up everything that has transpired on our realm. Essentially it is an ongoing dream.
Many scholars believe that this animist perspective indicates that we may not have free will per say - but rather every action that we take is dictated by otherworldly spirits.
Aboriginals believe these dreams are always ongoing and related – that those of us within the Totemic dream dictate what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. For a culture that has generally been removed from modern science, technology and contact with other cultures, it would seem as though their Path to Spirituality is one of the most developed and complex. The ‘Dreamtime’ belief has been developed through storytelling over a long span of time.
What do you think? What do you think about Dreamtime? Could you relate it to dreams that you have? We would love to hear from you - please share your thoughts or questions on our Facebook page at:


I would like to thank Occult Weekly for sharing this information from their 7witches Newsletter at  7witches@7witches.com 

Magickal Trees

Many Wiccans hold that certain types of trees possess a power beyond the ordinary, and actually have Magickal qualities. There are over 100,000 different species of trees (excluding plants and hedge) upon our magnificent planet! While many of them hold properties that help Wiccans achieve their Magickal goals, each and every species is truly valuable to the chain that connects every living creature on Earth. If a tree is not regarded as Magickal in nature, it might still provide ingredients used to make medicine, food, building materials, and other necessary products that have allowed us to develop this society of ours. Today, we brush upon a few of the more common trees with Magickal properties – perhaps species that you encounter on a daily basis.  But please remember that this short list is by no means exhaustive, and if there are any specific trees that you would like to know more about, we would be more than happy to share our knowledge.
Oak: The Mighty Oak was said to be the favored tree by both Zeus and Thor. It represents endurance, strength, and dominion over nature. As you might have noticed, the Oak tree grows to be one of the largest trees of all, and the oldest as well. Many occultists claim that when the Oak tree is burnt, the smoke lifted into the Heavens is a direct message to the Divine.
Willow: The Willow tree was the inspiration for many of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, as well as the muses, who were inspiration themselves. The Willow is held to hold an extraordinary enchantment about it, which is directly related to its relation with the Moon. Many occultists hold that the wood of the Willow tree is the ideal substance from which to make a Caduceus, or wand.
Holly: Holly literally means Holy. Its berries are potent aphrodisiacs, which many claim gives the holder control over a great deal of situations. It is the Holly who defeats the Great Oak at the change of the seasons, and brings reign to the end of the Harvest.
*Important note: There are many species of the Holly tree that produce berries that are very poisonous. Under no circumstances should these berries be ingested.
Palm: The Palm tree is extremely durable, and it never changes its leaves. It has great healing powers unbeknownst to many, though those willing to learn the intricacies of the Palm tree tell tales of their improved well-being and fortune coming to those around them.


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