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Model: H16ROSSC
Price: $1.95

Weight: 0.1lbs

Said to be of use in calling good spirits and seeking their aid, Rose Hips are also good for seeking good luck.

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Price: $21.95

Weight: 0.6lbs

The Morgan-Greer Tarot deck is a colorful creation, beautifully bringing to life the Tarot in a manner that helps many readers discover insights that ... more info

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Price: $24.99

Weight: 1.6lbs

Begin the exploration of your Inner Temple through the four introductory chapters and 13 lessons that start with basic meditation techniques and ... more info

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Model: RASC95
Price: $4.95

Weight: 0.15lbs

An excellent altar cloth for dividing an altar into the four quarters with the face of the Green Man facing each corner and ivy winding to complete ... more info

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Price: $16.95

Weight: 0.05lbs

This clay spell oil bottle has been sculpted with the symbol of a Celtic knot, an age old symbol of eternal unity. 2 dram. No cord. 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

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Model: IB3013
Price: $17.95

Weight: 1.1lbs

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Model: EBSFF
Price: $0.95

Weight: 0.006lbs

This bumper sticker makes a bold statement with an interlocked pair of Female gender symbols.

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Model: C6G
Price: $1.25

Weight: 0.12lbs

These green taper candles are great for invoking the verdant fertility of the earth. Use them to empower your spells of money drawing, and seek ... more info

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Model: RM776
Price: $9.95

Weight: 0.03lbs

Carved of sandalwood, this prayer mala is intended to be held in one hand while one speaks a prayer, or mantra. 3.5mm beads. 22"

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Model: RVBCC
Price: $3.95

Weight: 0.03lbs

Often viewed as a symbol for eternity or rebirth, the Celtic cross on this bag makes it a potent tool for creating spells of rebirth or a mojo bag or ... more info

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